2019 Fiat 500e - Specs (2023)

Make, Model, Interior, Price

Information about the make, series, model name and year, trim and price of electric vehicles.


Manufacturer name.


The model name of the electric vehicle.

model year

The year the manufacturer declares the model. Mainly, it doesn't quite match the calendar year the model was released.


The market that offers such electric vehicles.


Body style, size, volume, weight.

Information on EV body style, dimensions, clearance, volume, curb weight, GVWR.


A model's body style is determined by the number of doors and roof treatment.


Materials used in body construction.

Exterior color

Exterior colors available for models specified by the manufacturer.

bright orange
metallic gray
gray granite
Pompeian silver
Vesvio Black Pearl
Perla White Three Coat
interior color

Available interior colors for the model specified by the manufacturer.

Number of gates

Number of passenger doors. Depending on the body style, the doors can be two, four, etc.

number of seats

Number of seats, including driver and passenger. Depending on the model, the seats can be five, six, seven or others.


The distance from the front point to the last point of the electric vehicle.

142.4 inches(inch)
3617 mm(mm)

Vehicle width without mirrors.

64.1 inches(inch)
1627 mm(mm)

The distance from the ground to the top of the scooter.

60.1 inches(inch)
1527 mm(mm)

The distance between the centers of the front and rear axles.

90.6 inches(inch)
2300 mm(mm)
front rail

The distance between the centers (centerlines) of the two wheels on the front axle.

55.4 inches(inch)
1407 mm(mm)
back track

The distance between the centers (centerlines) of the two wheels on the rear axle.

55.0 inches(inch)
1397 mm(mm)
Front head height

The vertical distance from the top of the vehicle to the bottom of the front seat.

38.9 inches(inch)
989 mm(mm)
rear head room

The vertical distance from the top of the vehicle to the bottom of the rear seat.

35.6 inches(inch)
903 mm(mm)
front shoulder room

The horizontal distance between the two panels of the front door.

49.4 inches(inch)
1255 mm(mm)
back shoulder room

The horizontal distance between the two rear door panels.

46.4 inches(inch)
1179 mm(mm)
anterior buttocks

The width of a car's front seat, indicating how much space is available on either side of the waist when the driver and front passenger are seated.

47.8 inches(inch)
1215 mm(mm)
hip room

The width of the seatback cushion, indicating how much space is available on either side of the passenger's waist.

42.6 inches(inch)
1083 mm(mm)
front leg room

The distance available for the legs of the driver and front passenger.

40.7 inches(inch)
1035 mm(mm)
rear legroom

The distance available for the legs of the rear passengers.

27.6 inches(inch)
702 mm(mm)
total volume

Gross vehicle volume is the sum of the front and rear volumes or the sum of all usable passenger and cargo volumes.

2027.5 liters(Elevator)
71.60 feet3 (cubic feet)
2.03 meters3 (cubic meter)
trunk volume

Cargo space in the main trunk, excluding the additional usable space created by folding down one or both rows of rear seats.

198.2 liters(Elevator)
7.00 feet3 (cubic feet)
0.20 meters3 (cubic meter)

Curb weight (also known as curb weight) is the mass of an EV with standard equipment, fluids (nominal oil and fuel tank capacity) but excluding cargo and passengers. In some EU countries, the gross weight also includes the weight of a 75 kg (165 lb) driver.

2987.26 lbs(pound)
1355 kg(Kilogram)

The drag coefficient, or drag coefficient, is related to the aerodynamics of a car and expresses the resistance of the front surface to the air when the car is in motion. The lower the coefficient, the better the aerodynamic performance of the model. Ultimately, this allows for higher speeds and greater energy efficiency.

0.311 cadmium(OKAY)

electric motor

Information about the model's electric motor and its performance

type of engine

Electric motors are classified by motor switching type. Most electric motors operate with magnetism and can be powered from a direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) source. Depending on the commutation type, motors can be switched automatically (AC and DC, mechanical or electronic) and externally (AC only, asynchronous or synchronous).

Permanent magnet synchronous
engine location

Information on the location of electronic recording devices. The two most common places are the front and the back of an EV.


The power produced by the motor is proportional to the rotational speed of the motor.

83 kW(kilowatt)
111.3 hp(mechanical horsepower)
112,8 picosecond(metric horsepower)

Torque is the driving force of an electric motor and is the rotational equivalent of linear force. A characteristic feature of electric vehicles is that they acquire full torque from zero speed.

200 Nm(Newton meters)
20.4 kg(kg)
147.5 ft. lbs(feet-pounds)
regenerative braking

Regenerative braking is typical of electric vehicles, in which the electric motor uses the vehicle's kinetic energy to conserve energy or store it for later use.



Information about the model's top speed and acceleration.

maximum speed

The maximum speed that a vehicle can achieve as specified by the manufacturer.

87,6 mph(mph)
141.0 km/h(kilometers per hour)

driving range

Information on official vehicle mileage according to EPA, NEDC, WPTL.

role modelfield of application
EPA (EV Range and Efficiency)83.9 miles/135.0 kilometers

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency model information in various units of measurement according to EPA, NEDC, WPTL.

role modelI'm drivingscore
EPA (EV Range and Efficiency)combination30 kWh/100 miles
EPA (EV Range and Efficiency)Highway103 MPGe
EPA (EV Range and Efficiency)combination112 MPGe
EPA (EV Range and Efficiency)City121 MPGe


Information about the model's steering gear type and related features.

Type of steering mechanism

Information on types of steering gear designs for electric vehicles.

rack and pinion
power steering type

Information about the type of power steering used in this model.

turning circle

Often referred to as turning diameter or turning radius (multiply by two), this is the smallest diameter that the outside wheels describe when the vehicle is fully locked in a turn.

9.54 meters(rice)
31.30 feet(foot)
turn lock to lock

The number of full rotations the steering wheel completes from lock to lock (end to end).



Information about model transfers.

transmission type

Information about the type of gearbox used by the vehicle. EVs generally come with a single-speed automatic.

Single speed automatic reducer
transmission system

Information about the type of drivetrain (the system that provides power to the drive wheels).

front wheel drive (FWD)
Axial ratio

The shaft ratio is also called the engine's final drive ratio. Shows the number of revolutions of the drive shaft required to make one complete revolution of the shaft.



Information about the system of components that connect the wheels and axles to the frame.

Front Suspension

Information on the main components of the electric vehicle front suspension.

Macpherson knee
Anti-roll bar (stabilizer link/stabilizer bar)
coil spring (coil spring)
shock absorber
Travel Tuned Suspension
rear suspension

Information on the main components of the rear suspension of the electric vehicle.

Torsion Beam (Torsion Beam/Torsion)
coil spring (coil spring)
shock absorber
Travel Tuned Suspension


Information about the braking system used in this vehicle model.

front brake

Information about the type of brakes used on the front wheels.

ventilation plate
More information

More details on this brake model.

Front rotor size and type - 284 x 22 mm
Rear rotor size and type - 251 x 11mm


Information about available rims for this electric vehicle.

markwidthcontourdiametercontouris compensatedMaterial
5.5Jx155.5J15-0aluminum2019 Fiat 500e - Specs (1)
6,5 J6.5J0-0aluminum2019 Fiat 500e - Specs (2)


Information about available tires for this EV.

markwidthcontourdiameterload indicatorspeed indicator


The specifications and capabilities of the rechargeable battery powering the vehicle.

rechargeable battery type

The type of rechargeable battery depends on its composition.

lithium ion
battery capacity

The manufacturer's specified capacity (in kilowatt hours) of the rechargeable battery powering this electric vehicle.

24 kWh(kWh)
cell phone number

The battery used in electric vehicles is usually a battery consisting of a certain number of battery cells arranged in different ways. Information about the total number of cells in the given model.


Battery voltage represents the potential difference between the positive and negative terminals of the battery. The greater the potential difference, the greater the voltage.

364 volts(volt)

Information about the location of batteries in electric vehicles.

under the floor, in the middle
I am cold

Information on the type of battery cooling for the specific model.

air transfer
Water-based coolant circulation
More information

More information on rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles.

passive and active cooling
active heating

charging type

Information about the different types of charging for the specific EV.

wall boxCase 1 (SAE J1772, IEC 61851-1, J Plug, Yazaki)220 volts30A6,6 kW
DC chargingType 1 (IEC 62196-3 CC, CCS1)--40 kW

Car Charger/Charging Port

Information about the onboard chargers/charging ports available in this EV.

car chargerType 1 (IEC 62196-3 CC, CCS1)6,6 kW-right rear side

charging time

Information about the estimated charging time of this electric vehicle, depending on the different types of charging it supports.

typebattery %Estimated time (hour:minute)
DC charging0% - 80%00:36
wall box0% - 100%03:39

Additional features

List of standard and optional exterior and interior features for this model.

-Electronic push-button shifter with illuminated gear indicatorsmall
-Wheels with black/electric orange trim insertsoxygen2019 Fiat 500e - Specs (3)
safety and assistanceAdvanced multi-stage driver and passenger airbagssmall
safety and assistanceAnti-lock braking system (ABS)small
safety and assistanceFront Seat Belt Alertsmall
safety and assistancebrake assistsmall
safety and assistancebrake/park locksmall
safety and assistanceConstant Force Restraint (CFR)small
safety and assistanceDriver and passenger side airbags (pelvis-chest)small
safety and assistanceDriver knee airbagsmall
safety and assistancee-Park Crawlsmall
safety and assistanceElectronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)small
safety and assistanceElectronic Stability Control (ESC)small
safety and assistanceFront and rear air curtainsmall
safety and assistanceHill Start Assist (HSA)small
safety and assistanceIntelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)small
safety and assistancelatchsmall
safety and assistanceOccupant Restraint Controller (ORC)small
safety and assistanceParkSense Rear Parking Assistsmall
safety and assistancepedestrian alarmsmall
safety and assistanceReactive head restraints (front seats)small
safety and assistanceRemote keyless/illuminated entry systemsmall
safety and assistanceSentry Key Engine Immobilizersmall
safety and assistanceThree-point harness for all positionssmall
safety and assistanceTire pressure monitoring systemsmall
safety and assistanceTraction Control System (TCS)small
safety and assistanceVehicle anti-theft alarmsmall
Infotainment and connectivity12 volt socketsmall
Infotainment and connectivity7 inch TFT screen (dashboard)small
Infotainment and connectivityAM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA radiosmall
Infotainment and connectivityAuxiliary input jacksmall
Infotainment and connectivityBluetoothsmall
Infotainment and connectivityElectronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) with selectable driver with trip computersmall
Infotainment and connectivityKey fob - Remote keyless entry with folding handlesmall
Infotainment and connectivity6 premium speakers and 276W amplifiersmall
Infotainment and connectivitySiriusXM Radiosmall
Infotainment and connectivityTomTom navigationsmall
Infotainment and connectivityUconnect 5.0 with 5" touch screen, voice commands, hands-freesmall
Infotainment and connectivityUSB port with iPod controlsmall
air conditionerAutomatic temperature control with humidity sensorsmall
air conditionercabin air filtrationsmall
number of seatsRear Seats 50/50 Split/foldingsmall
number of seatsDriver's seat with manual height adjustment, easy entry and seat back memorysmall
number of seatsDriver and passenger seat heatingoxygen2019 Fiat 500e - Specs (4)
steering wheelLeather steering wheel with audio system and cruise controlssmall
steering wheelSteering column with manual tiltsmall
doors and windowsFront electric windows with a quick push of a buttonsmall
doors and windowsFront, parallel-acting, variable intermittent wiperssmall
doors and windowsSpoiler mounted on the door, body colorsmall
doors and windowsRear variable intermittent wipersmall
doors and windowsrear window defrostersmall
doors and windowsSunroof - electric sunroof with vents and quick one-touch openingoxygen
doors and windowsstained glasssmall
MirrorAutomatic anti-glare rearview mirrorsmall
MirrorElectric orange exterior mirrorsoxygen2019 Fiat 500e - Specs (5)
MirrorPower adjustable, heated, with driver's mirror and manual foldingsmall
Mirrorsun visor with vanity mirrorsmall
light bulbHalogen twin beam headlightssmall
light bulbBlack headlights, taillights and lower turn signalsoxygen2019 Fiat 500e - Specs (6)
light bulbChrome lower flashsmall
light bulbChrome headlight bezelsmall
light bulbChrome rear light framesmall
light bulbDaytime running lights (DRL)small
light bulbhalogen fog lightssmall
light bulbCenter High Mount LED Signal Lamp (CHMSL)small
wallpaperThe fabricsmall
wallpaperInterior color vapor/electric orangeoxygen2019 Fiat 500e - Specs (7)

More information

More on this EV here.

More information

Additional details about the EV, including specifications and features not covered in the categories above.

Fiat 500e 2013 - 2019 is produced in Mexico (Toluca).
From 2016 to 2019, the Fiat 500e remained largely unchanged. In 2017, the e-Sport package was launched as a separate model, called the FIAT 500e e-Sport. A new set of colors is offered for 2018, bringing the number down to six.


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