33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (2023)

You need to be careful in choosing the perfect hair colors for women with fair skin tone. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your fair complexion. Very light or copper tones can do this, as well as very light or dark tones.

Think about whether you are spring, summer, autumn or autumn in terms of complexion. Do you look better in cool or warm colors?

Can your fair skin handle dramatic tones? Do dark colors wash out your face and make you look drab or swallow? Take a look at women who have similar skin tones and see what you think of their hair.

Best hair colors for fair skin

If you have fair skin, you should choose your hair color following some rules. Everyone is different, so consider your own skin tone first and foremost.

Are the shadows great? If so, dynamic tones with equally cool undertones are perfect for you. You can make almost any shade work as long as you tell your stylist what you want when mixing the dye.

Likewise, if your skin is warmer, think of shades with undertones of red, orange or pink. Here are some hair color ideas for fair skin.

1. Bright and dark red

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (1)

A bright red hair color on its own would be too much for a woman with a fair skin tone, but when you add darker red highlights to offset the bright red, you can pull it off beautifully!

2. Dark brown

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (2)

If you are a woman of color whose skin tone is lighter, now you can add dark brown to your list of flattering hair colors! I worked even more with makeup in shades of brown.

3. Light red, pink and caramel

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (3)

If your natural hair color is black or brown, spice up your fair skin tone by opting for a fun light red mixed with a little pink and caramel. In this curly hairstyle, red and light pink are seen in the middle of the stem and the tips are caramel-dyed.

4. Dark blue and sea green

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (4)

Here is another great color combination for women with light skin tone and dark hair. In summer, give your hairstyle a beachy touch with dark blue and sea green. Intertwined with braided black hair, the colors are stunning!

5. Magenta Ombré

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (5)

How pretty is this magenta ombre on long hair with a natural black base? Granted, one has to be careful when playing a dark color on a light skin tone, but this one is well done and knocks it out of the park!

6. Turquoise curls

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (6)

If you consider yourself a fun and playful lady, dare to be bold with the light green and light blue hair color! This short curly haircut instantly makes a statement and is sure to turn heads.

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7. Light Brown and Blonde

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (7)

If you prefer to play it safe and stick with a neutral but classic hair color, you can stick to a brown base but liven it up with some caramel and light blonde highlights. These blended colors work together to warm up a fair skin tone.

8. Salt and Pepper

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (8)

Older ladies, don't be afraid of those gray hairs! Salt and pepper hair color is always in style! No matter what your hair texture is, let it down and down, slick it back with a headband, to show the world that age is just a number.

9. Bright red braids

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (9)

Another gorgeous look for women with light skin tone and dark natural hair is bright red! Since you're not dyeing all of your hair this color, it won't be too heavy. Opt for extensions to change your hue without a long-term commitment.

10. Dark and light purple

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (10)

Haven't we already tested the power of light and dark hair colors on fair skin tones? The purple plum is no exception! Just take a look at this stunning natural hairstyle that shines in the light.

11. Curly Caramel Hair

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (11)

If you have curly hair then accentuate those curls with a caramel hair color. Super subtle highlights blend beautifully into dark brown hair and don't require a lot of time or money to maintain.

12. Medium blonde straight hair

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (12)

For straight hair, you'll love your locks even more when they're dyed a medium blonde. Smooth frizz with a nourishing anti-frizz serum that also protects against hot tools.

13. Chocolate brown bangs

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (13)

Those straight bangs and long wavy hair look very bright and magazine-worthy with a chocolate brown color. For consistency, ask your stylist to match your brows in the same or a similar shade.

14. Curly with blonde highlights

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (14)

Black hair is always beautiful when given blonde highlights. For a curly bob, highlight only the ends of the hair to show the texture of the hair. Tame frizz with a hair oil that doubles as a conditioner.

15. Blonde and Orange Ombré Hair

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (15)

Blonde and orange is a color combination few women think of, but how an ombre works. Slip it over thick, curly hair and let the strands down to make a statement.

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16. Burgundy Box Braids

take a whimburgundy box braids, another color that favors dark skin. Magenta, purple, and burgundy mix with black for a sophisticated, feminine hairstyle that's perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

17. Rainbow Scratch Pixie

This pixie's shaved shapes are made even more daring with bright colors. To avoid making the colors too overwhelming, keep the options to three. This will help you look presentable.

18. Turquoise Short Hair

Combine turquoise with white in a short hairstyle for thin hair.Hair is layeredeverywhere, but there is also a small shaved area on one side of the temple. Play the layers close to the crown for extra volume when wearing it loose.

19. Black curly hair with green

These thick black curls have a slight green tint. On dark hair, it is sometimes necessarybleach the hairfirst adding color, but this dark forest green is remarkable and beautiful.

20. Light brown braids

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (20)

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Long braids for women who let their hair grow naturally also come in light brown. The ends are full of curls, which look beautiful when gathered and worn over one shoulder.

21. Thick magenta braid

Feel like an updated Rapunzel with a thick, high magenta side braid. Comb your hair back with the anti-frizz product, then add golden bows throughout the braid.

22. Light blonde with undercoat

There is a beautiful combination of dark and light in this wavy hairstyle. With a dark brown undercoat, the light blonde on top stands out even more. Used or worn, this blend will always be easy to use.

23. Thick Blonde Curls

Does your curly hair need a rebirth? Treat him to a beautiful blonde. If you have fair or pale skin, this color will enhance your complexion while making your curls look rich and soft.

24radiant red hair colors

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (24)

Red is one of the most popular hair colors for fair skin, and it doesn't hurt that so many natural redheads have fair skin. The creaminess of a pale complexion against the fiery undertones of a beautifully blended red hue is simply amazing. This shade, with its orange undertones, is perfect. Sneaky blonde highlights add shine.


33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (25)

Although this beautiful hair is darker and brighter than anything else, it has a reddish aura. Well-placed highlights and lowlights create an impeccable blend of colors that looks dazzling and splashed with cinnamon.

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26. milk chocolate

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (26)

One of our favorite hair colors for pale skin. Brown tones are more dynamic and multidimensional than you might think. Starting with a milk chocolate base, light blonde and honey highlights add swirls of vanilla to your sweet hairstyle. You don't have to combine pale skin with dark colors, medium tones are just as complementary.

27. Roasted almond

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (27)

Hair colors for light brown skin also vary between light, dark and medium. This beautiful toasted almond effect is the work of the balayage technique. The blonde highlights around the face draw attention to the face and also brighten the roots.

28. Enchanting Lilac

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (28)

There's just something about pale, purple skin. Maybe it's because the blue half brings out the cool winter tones on pale skin. Either way, a deliberately faded lilac looks fabulous against fair skin.

29. Gray hair color

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (29)

We just can't get over Amandla Stenberg's foray into gray and we're so sorry for the night. You cannot deny that it looks luminous against light brown skin tones. It's so silvery that it creates a stunning contrast with her warm golden skin tones.

Balayage hair colors for short hair

30. Extreme brunette

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (30)

Learn from Zoey Deschanel, who is quite knowledgeable about the most complementary hair colors for fair skin tones; after all, you've already tried most of them. Keep going back to the dark brown with subtle highlights of a slightly lighter shade. Hey, it works.

31. Black velvet

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (31)

Light and dark, light and dark - this combination is always a winner. Combine light brown skin with inky black hair and the contrast is striking. It's spectacular. Black hair with a blue or purple undertone also counts.

32. Ice Blonde

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (32)

You might think that light hair colors don't suit pale skin, but they don't. An icy blonde hue against a clear, creamy complexion is high fashion in its own right. You will feel and look like a completely different person.

latest blonde hairstyles

33. Golden brown

33 flattering hair colors for fair skin - get ready to fall in love (33)

A natural, warm golden brown is a beautiful hair color for light brown skin tones. A few strands of blonde can lighten the tone even more. To be honest, this whole look is charming beyond words.

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Our favorite short hairstyles for girls

What are some of your favorite hair colors for fair skin tones? How about the best shades for light brown skin? Tell us what you tried and what you thought was amazing.


What color hair looks best on fair pale skin? ›

Finding the best hair color for your pale skin all depends on identifying your undertones. If your skin has cool undertones, you'll want to stick with ashy blonde, brown, and fantasy hues. If your complexion is on the warmer side, deeper hues such as honey blonde, copper, and caramel will go perfectly with your skin.

What color of hair makes a woman look younger? ›

Caramel, honey, gold, copper, and strawberry give a healthy brightness that makes us look and feel younger. (Framing your face with lighter shades draws the eye away from any complexion concerns, as well.)

What hair color is universally flattering? ›

Drumroll, please...it's honey-colored hair! That's right, honey is the most universally flattering shade of hair color out there—whether it's more honey blonde or more honey brown. Honey blonde is a warm, sunny, medium-to-dark blonde that's closer to light brunette than it is to platinum.

Which hair color is more attractive? ›

Blonde is Crowned the Sexiest Hair Colour of 2021!

When asked which hair colour they think is sexiest, almost a third of people said they have no preference. However, of those who did have a colour preference: Most say that blonde hair is the sexiest (31.5%)

Which hair Colour makes you look brighter? ›

Blonde shades – a mix of light brown hair colour and golden blonde shades will make your complexion look radiant and healthy.

What hair color goes with pale skin and green eyes? ›

Hair Color for Fair Skin and Green Eyes

Use dark shades like black and brown. Dark blonde hues also pair well with your fair skin and green eyes.

What length hair makes you look younger? ›

Shoulder-length hair (or longer) with layers

Forget what you thought about long hair past the age of 40—thick hair actually looks more youthful and polished when it falls shoulder-length or longer. Shorter hair has a tendency to expand at the ends, leaving you with an unflattering triangle effect.

What color hair makes you look older? ›

Generally, these colours will make anyone appear older: black, cool dark brown, fiery red, yellow blonde, mousy blonde and dark grey. There's a common opinion that platinum blonde and silver hair dye age you, but we don't believe so.

What is the new haircut for 2023? ›

“For 2023 it will have an updated feel with more layers and softer cropped fringes, like a '70s or 90s-esque curtain bang, and copious amounts of movement made easy from internal layers – perfect for that on trend cool girl,” he says. Or, if you can't decide between a bob and a pixie, combine both.

Is darker or lighter hair more attractive? ›

The results are explained by the study's authors: “…we found that lighter hair (blond and brown) compared to darker hair (black) is generally associated with perceptions of youth, health and attractiveness, and generally leads to more positive perceptions of relationship and parenting potential.”

What hair color matches with everything? ›

Think of honey as the denim of hair colors: It goes with everything. "Since it's not too warm and not too cool, it's like a neutral," explains Hazan.

What color hair brings out hazel eyes? ›

Hazel eyes have flecks of gold, green, and brown, so it's best to complement them with warm-toned blondes, browns, and reds if you really want your eye color to stand out. If your hazel eyes have a lot of green in them, rich red shades like auburn and copper will work best for you.

What hair color is most attractive to men? ›

Sorry blondes, but 60% of the men in question said they find brunette to be the most desirable. A third of the men polled (33.1%) said they think the most attractive hair color is brown hair, while 28.6% said they prefer black hair. That means that in total, 59.7% of men said they prefer women with dark hair.

What is the prettiest hair and eye combination? ›

Top 10 Hair and Eye Colors That Go Best Together
  • 1 Blond Hair and Blue Eyes. ...
  • 2 Brown Hair and Light Hazel Eyes. ...
  • 3 Red Hair and Dark Blue Eyes. ...
  • 4 Brown Hair and Green Eyes. ...
  • 5 Blonde Hair Dark Brown Eyes. ...
  • 6 Black Hair and Purple Eyes. ...
  • 7 Brown Hair and Blue Eyes. ...
  • 8 Red Hair and Green Eyes.

What is the most attractive hair and eye color combination on a woman? ›

In a website poll of over 66,000 respondents, 20% said green was the most attractive, followed by hazel and light blue at 16%. Brown was far and away voted the least attractive (6%).

Does lighter hair make you look older or younger? ›

Too light

Hair that is too light may come across as gray. “I always say that going too light can be just as aging as going too dark,” Samra adds. “It's important to maintain a certain level of contrast between your hair color and your skin tone.” Otherwise, your hair loses depth and you'll look washed out.

How do you know if a hair color suits you? ›

“To determine what will work, you need to know if you have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone, and one easy way to find out is to look at your veins,” she advises. If your veins are purple or blue, you're cool; if they're greenish, you're warm; if you're seeing both, you're most likely a neutral tone.

What hair colors look best on pale skin and blue eyes? ›

The best hair colors for blue eyes and pale skin depend on your complexion undertone. If you have pale skin with cool undertones, choose shades like platinum blonde, ash brown, and copper. For those with warm-toned skin, opt for shades like sandy blonde, chocolate brown, and chestnut.

What colors compliment pale skin and blonde hair? ›

Pale blondes and pastels

Not everyone can pull off pastels, but pale blondes can! Mint green, baby blue and colors with a blue or gray undertone flatter like no other. “Dusty shades of pink and lavender are also great for cool blonde hair colors,” celeb color expert Jill Kirsh told Beauty Riot.

What hair Colour is best for grey eyes and fair skin? ›

Medium Brown

If you have fair skin, you may avoid dark hair colors that could make you look washed out. Instead, opt for a shade like medium brown that will accentuate your grey eyes and your skin tone.

What color hair looks best with fair skin and brown eyes? ›

Hair Colors For Fair Skin Tones With Brown Eyes

Pick colors that cater to your undertone hues and you'll look fabulous. Sandy blonde, ash blonde, lilac platinum blonde, and light blue ombre look great on fair skin.

What hairstyles make you look prettier? ›

Hairstyles that make you look young and gorgeous
  • Short hair. Your youth-fix doesn't have to come in a bottle or a needle, just a cut is all you need. ...
  • Bob. ...
  • Wob. ...
  • Pixie. ...
  • Headband. ...
  • Braid. ...
  • Side-Swept/Part. ...
  • Bangs.
Sep 9, 2015

What makes a woman look younger? ›

Drinking enough water each day replenishes your skin's tissue and cells, allowing for younger and healthier looking skin. Another key to maintaining a youthful appearance is to simply get some rest! When you sleep, your body continuously releases hormones that promote cell turnover and renewal.

How can I look 10 years younger naturally? ›

How to Look 10 Years Younger, Instantly
  1. Use a Hydrating Mask. For tighter, glowing skin, put on a hydrating mask for ten minutes. ...
  2. Choose a Luminous Foundation. ...
  3. Lighten Your Hair a Bit. ...
  4. Wear a Ponytail. ...
  5. Exfoliate (But Don't Overdo It) ...
  6. White Out Your Waterline. ...
  7. Finish Your Look With a Mineral Mist.

What colors make you look younger? ›

If you want to experiment with looking younger, start out with reds, pinks, and purples. They all have a youthful vibrancy to them that is widely recognized." Don't just take his word for it, though. Up ahead, see how the chicest over-40 celebrities are putting these youthful colors to the test.

How do you get 10 years off your face? ›

Skin brightening treatments, like Microdermabrasion, Light Peels, Micro Laser Peels, or the Clear & Brilliant Laser treatment all help patients to look 10 years younger or more, with just a few treatments. These treatments can be used in order to combat the signs of aging in the face, such as: Wrinkles. Age spots.

Does long hair make me look younger or older? ›

For older women, keeping your hair youthful (without trying to look too young) will make you look and feel younger. Long hair can make you feel youthful. If your hair is very healthy and shiny, long hair shows it off. There are many ways to wear long hair, including braids, ponytails, upsweeps and more.

What is Karen hair? ›

The original Karen cut

Also called the classic Karen cut, the original Karen cut is an inverted bob with side-swept bangs cut at an angle. What is this? Report Ad. Chunky highlights with a spiky cut at the back usually accompany this haircut. This is the most typical Karen haircut, and it's also the most recognizable.

What hair Colour is in trend 2023? ›

An overall 2023 hair trend you'll be noticing? Light-to-medium brown shades. “People will be taking their color deeper this year,” says hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein, “even if it's just a darker, more blended shade of blonde, or a creamy mushroom brown.”

What is the butterfly haircut? ›

The butterfly cut is a very layered, feathery haircut thats longest layers fall just below the shoulder. Shorter layers are cut around the crown of your head to create the illusion of having shorter strands. “The shortest top layer falls about two to three inches below your chin,” Brook says.

Why are men attracted to blondes? ›

Dr. Piotr Sorokowski set up an experimental study exploring male hair color preference. The results of his research showed males did, generally, rate pictures of blonde hair as “more youthful,” and also maintained a preference for these women with regard to overall attractiveness.

Do men prefer long or short hair? ›

2) Men are conditioned to desire long hair.

Many experiments and observations have concluded that long haired women seem healthier than their short haired counterparts. This was especially confirmed in an experiment that involved short haired women being rated and later-on being rated again wearing long hair.

What two hair colors go well together? ›

5 hair colour combinations that pair well!
  • Black and burgundy. Black hair color has a reputation for being boring and bland. ...
  • Brown and red. This is an apt hair color combination, that lightens your appearance while looking vibrant. ...
  • Brown and golden highlights. ...
  • Dark roots with light ends. ...
  • Black and brown.

What hair color cancels others? ›

Green cancels out red on hair that has been lifted to brown or light brown. Blue cancels out orange on hair that has been lifted to dark blonde.
The Color Wheel is a way of arranging colors to show which colors cancel out which.
  • Purple cancels out yellow.
  • Blue cancels out orange.
  • Green cancels out red.
Apr 14, 2022

What is the 2 most common hair color? ›

#2 Most Popular Hair Colour – Brown Hair

Brown hair accounts for around 11 percent of the global population, with some of the most common shades including maple brown, light brown, dark brown, and walnut brown.

What color makes hazel eyes pop out the most? ›

Hazel eyes can experiment with browns, pinks, coppers, purples and greens. If your hazel eyes lean more green, then go with pink and purple hues to make them truly pop. If your hazel eyes appear warmer, enhance them with golden browns and green shades.

What is butterscotch hair color? ›

The butterscotch hair color has a base of warm brown with strong hues and tones of gold. The color can also be described as being adjacent to caramel. This hairstyle not only looks great on natural hair but with protective styling options too!

What is the rarest eye color hazel? ›

Hazel/amber is the next rarest of these. Blue is the second most common and brown tops the list with 45% of the U.S. population and possibly almost 80% worldwide. Black is not an eye color.
Gray: The Rarest Eye Color.
Brown45%55% to 79%
4 more rows
Nov 23, 2022

What eye color do men prefer? ›

While men were 1.4 times more likely than women to wish their partner had a different eye color, both genders favored blue eyes. Surprisingly, green, brown, and hazel were more preferred on a partner than gray eyes which respondents had previously considered the most attractive.

What body type do men prefer? ›

Men prefer a woman who has less body fat and more muscle than that. She'll still weigh a fairly regular amount, but she'll be significantly fitter and more muscular than average, with a leaner waist, stronger hips, and broader shoulders.

What dress size do guys like? ›

The majority of the men (nearly 86% of them) preferred a woman with a dress size 14 to 16.

What are the prettiest eyes to have? ›

We found that green is the most popular lens colour, with brown coming in a close second, despite it being one of the most common eye colours. Although blue and hazel are seen as the most attractive eye colours for men and women they are surprisingly the least popular.

What is the most popular hair and eye combination? ›

If you have dark brown hair and brown eyes, you have something in common with most people around the globe. According to the World Atlas, between 75% and 85% of the world's population has dark brown or black hair, and 70% to 79% of people have brown eyes.

Which hairs are attractive? ›

A general observation across experiments was that straight hair was perceived as younger, healthier, and more attractive than wavy hair and darker shades (medium copper and brown) were perceived more positively than blonde hair.

What is the most romantic eye color? ›

Hazel eyes topped the list as the most popular, with 65 out of 322 total matches—or 20.19 percent. Purple received just one less match, however, giving it 19.88 percent.

Does lighter or darker hair make you look younger? ›

Lighter hair can make you look younger, as long as you use the right tones. Add some warmth with golden highlights and go for shades like honey to give your complexion a healthy, youthful glow!

Should you color your hair darker or lighter as you get older? ›

Sticking to the hair colour of your youth

'As we lose pigment in our hair, we also lose it in our skin' she explains. 'It's a gradual process, so our hair colour should reflect this. ' Basically, as your skin tone lightens with age, so should your hair colour.

Does darker hair make you look older or younger? ›

As we get older, it can be wise to steer away from darker hair colors. That's because they can cast shadows on the face which emphasize fine lines and wrinkles. Dark hair against a light scalp can also make thinning hair appear more visible, therefore adding years to someone's look.

What colour hair suits an older woman? ›

Silver, ashy, blond, and platinum are indeed the most popular hair color choices for women over 60.

What hair color makes you look skinnier? ›

"Dark colors recede and make your face seem slimmer," he says. The ombre trick works best with deeper brunette shades, so consider dyeing your hair darker if it's naturally light, he adds.

What's the easiest hair color to maintain? ›

7 of the Easiest Hair Colors to Maintain (That Don't Require Constant Touch- Ups)
  1. Ombré Ringlets. ...
  2. Tortoiseshell Hair. ...
  3. Babylights And Balayage. ...
  4. "lived-in Color" ...
  5. Lightened Base. ...
  6. Tonal Color. ...
  7. Face-framing Highlights.
Jul 5, 2017

What hair color is in for 2023? ›

An overall 2023 hair trend you'll be noticing? Light-to-medium brown shades. “People will be taking their color deeper this year,” says hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein, “even if it's just a darker, more blended shade of blonde, or a creamy mushroom brown.”

What color hair should a 50 year old have? ›

If you're looking to stay true to your aging roots, a light blonde shade is always the way to go. This color blends seamlessly with ashy browns and grays.

Does hair on your face make you look older? ›

Yes, beards absolutely make someone look older, but by how much? Well, a study conducted in 2013 has stated that panelists who were shown two images of celebrities (one bearded and one clean-shaven) gave an average increase of 8 years to their age estimates when shown the bearded images.

What hair color makes hair look thicker? ›

Darker colours tend to add more depth and dimension to the hair, which can make it look fuller and thicker. If you have very fair skin, you may want to avoid going too dark, as it can make you look washed out. Some of the best hair colours for thin hair include chocolate brown, auburn, mahogany, and black.

What hair color makes you look younger over 50? ›

A warm hair color often makes an older woman look younger. There are many gorgeous hair colors for women over 50 – from blonde and gray to red and brunette, and those exquisite color blends in balayage and ombre solutions. And just being older doesn't mean you can't have fun with highlights and mix-ins.

When should you stop coloring your hair and go grey? ›

As a general rule, Mike Liang, advanced colorist at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in New York suggests going gray when you reach 80 percent non-pigmented or white hair. If your hair starts to feel increasingly dry, brittle, or damaged or you experience scalp irritation, it might be time to ditch the dye.


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